3 Amusing Reviews of Popular Metro Manila Tourist Attractions

User-generated reviews are seen as an honest, unfiltered opinion of a certain product or service. The influence of user-generated reviews is so powerful that they has already replaced manuals, guidebooks, and even experts, as an online article pointed out.

But there are those few that are beyond ridiculous that you’d immediately think that they’re fake.

Unfortunately, some of them aren’t. Here are 9 more of them that we have found regarding some of the tourist attractions in Metro Manila from Tripadvisor.com.ph:

1. Fort Santiago

The fort is one of the most important historical sites in Manila. Several lives were lost in its prisons during the Spanish Empire and World War IIJosé Rizal, one of the Philippine national heroes, was imprisoned here before his execution in 1896. The Rizal Shrine museum displays memorabilia of the hero in their collection and the fort features, embedded onto the ground in bronze, his footsteps representing his final walk from his cell to the location of the actual execution.

2. Plaza Rajah Sulayman

Plaza Rajah Sulayman, also known as Rajah Sulayman Park, is a public square in MalateManila. It is bounded by Roxas Boulevard to the west, San Andrés Street to the south and Remedios Street to the north. The plaza is considered the center of Malate as it fronts the Malate Church, the main church of the district.

3. Chinese Garden, Ermita

If you are looking for Chinese Garden travel information, Expedia has you covered. When visiting Chinese Garden, Expedia can provide you with extensive Chinese Garden information, as well as great savings on nearby hotels and flights!

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Davao

Armbar, a signature move in BJJ

Brazilian jiu-jitsu (Bjj) is a martial art and combat sport system that focuses on grappling. It has a particular emphasis on ground fighting. It was developed from Kodokan judo ground fighting (newaza) fundamentals that were taught by a number of Japanese individuals. Bjj eventually came to be its own defined combat sport through innovations, practices, and adaptation of judo – Wikipedia

Bow and Arrow choke, one of my favorites

All over the Philippines, there are places to practice the art, Even here in Davao City. It’s place is conveniently located in the core of the city. Near it is a hospital and many fast food places. Even a 711. There are also pharmacies near it. A nice location.

If you are a member then your monthly payment for unlimited classes will have significant discounts. Choosing unlimited classes gives the most bang for your buck if you are serious about learning the sport.

Ffion Davies demonstrating the Arm Triangle

Bjj advocates the concept that a smaller weaker person can successfully defend themselves against a bigger, stronger, heavier opponent by using technique, leverage, and most notably, taking the fight to the ground, and then applying joint locks and chokeholds to defeat the opponent. BJJ training can be used for sport grappling tournaments in self-defense situations. Sparring (commonly referred to as “rolling”) and live drilling play a major role in training and the practitioner’s development. Bjj is considered a martial art, sport, method of promoting physical fitness and building character, and a way of life. – Wikipedia

You can practice Bjj in Davao City. There is a place right next to Davao Doctor’s Hospital.

Best Islands of the Philippines

 Bitaog Beach, Catanduanes

We wouldn’t be shocked if nobody has ever heard of Bitaog Beach and to be honest, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. This stunning paradise is truly one of the country’s best hidden beaches. Completely detached from the hustle and bustle of the city, it offers a serene ambiance and a sense of seclusion. The island is blessed with powdery white sand, crystal clear aquamarine waters.

 Oslob Beach, Cebu

See close encounter of the whale shark? Check out Oslob Beach in Cebu, in addition to boasting a gorgeous sandbar, Oslob beach is the jump-off point for swimming with the Whale Sharks.

Bantayan Beach, Cebu

If you wan’t to move on to your problems, you can come to Banatayan Island. If you’re looking to disconnect and destress, this is the perfect island for you.

Great Santa Cruz Island, Zamboanga

Great Santa Cruz Island, Zamboanga one of the best beaches in the Philippines no wonder why National Geographic listed this pink beach at sta.cruz island as one of the beautiful beaches in the world.

Gaisano Mall of Davao

This is one if not the most, biggest malls in Davao City. Here you can buy almost anything to suit your needs. From food to animals. It would take a while to tour the whole mall. Playing hide and seek here will indeed be a challenge.

In this mall there is a Jollibee, Chow King, PizzaHut, MangInasal, Tapa foods, Mcdonalds, Shawarma stalls. There is also a Burger King outside the mall. There are also some other restaurants nearby.

On the highest floor, there is a pet shop where you can buy animals ranging from mice to rabbits. It is right next to the collectibles store. These pets can be as low as Php 200 or less or more than Php 10,000.

On the highest floors is an entrance to the outside, where one can see the view of the city. There are a few restaurants here. There is also a chapel that is usually open for mass on Sundays.

The mall is near Ateneo de Davao University. It is within walking distance. It is also in the same jeepney route that leads to these malls: Abreeza, Victoria Plaza, SM Lanang.

The stage is on the ground floor. It is a wide area where events are hosted. From concerts, presentations and all the likes. Near that area are optical shops for your glasses.

There are lots of food places that sell tasty delicacies all over the mall. From the popular fast food to the traditional Filipino cuisine, they are there.

The Gstore provides many items like clothing, sports equipment, musical instruments, appliances and many more. The mall provides you with a one stop shopping experience.

Kapatagan Valley in Davao Del Sur

It was a day ago when I had a chance to visit Kapatagan Valley along with my partner. For the curious travelers,  this highland is a popular adventurous destination located at the foot of Mount Apo in Davao Del Sur.

Similar to Baguio, Bukidnon, Lake Sebu and Marawi, this place is also blessed with cool weather but unlike the other places I mentioned, this place is still not crowded.
At Mt. Apo Civet Coffee Farm, they feed the civet cats with coffee cherries then the stomach proteolytic enzymes of these animals seep into the beans, making shorter peptides and more free amino acids. … The low-quality beans are discarded and the best ones are roasted. The finished products are then packed and sealed
Tourists can have sightseeing of Mount Apo that is known to be the highest mountain in the Philippines. People residing in this place can be seen busy with vegetable cultivation and coffee farming since it is the only means of employment for the majority of people in this area. Visitors can also enjoy Lake Rosario – a lake located at the foot of Mount Apo that gives a breathtaking view and total relaxation.

How to get to Kapatagan Valley?

The easiest way to reach Kapatagan Valley is through private transportation. From Davao City, it is about two hours drive or an hour away from Digos City. There are buses available at the Ecoland Bus Terminal in Davao City that ply to Digos City. From Digos City, public utility vans are available for hire to reach the valley.

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Best Hot spring Near Manila

Asin Hot Springs

Travelers in Manila looking for a quick escape from the stress of the city would usually opt for a retreat to Baguio. Here, the weather is cool and pine-tree fringed roads are free from the usual traffic. Baguio is well and good, but for those looking to tread along the road less traveled, a trip to Benguet is more like it.

Hikers will be happy to know that the third highest mountain in the country, Mt. Pulag, is here. If you’re here for an overnight trip, you’re in for a treat. Camping affords a spectacular view of crystal-clear skies and the cold weather is a welcome break from Manila’s blistering heatwave.

Once your legs grow tired from all the hiking, it’s time to relax.  Sinot Asin Hot Spring Resort in Benguet amps up the relaxation level with great amenities and five sulfur thermal pools. These pools are fed by warm water coming from nearby mountain springs. These pools are said to have various therapeutic properties, but one thing’s for sure: they’re perfect to dive in after a day of strenuous hiking.

 Dona Jovita Garden Resort

Just an hour’s drive from the capital, Laguna is studded with numerous hot spring resorts that boast various amenities at different price points. Near the foothills of the gorgeous Mt. Makiling in Calamba, Laguna lies Dona Jovita, one of Laguna’s best hot spring resorts. For weary urban-dwellers.

Dona Jovita Garden Resort is a 25-acre paradise that’s fully attuned with nature. The flora and fauna of Mt. Makiling finds its way within the verdant acre – now a natural habitat for peacock, koi, and horses that may be rented to explore the premises. A variety of flowers and plants lend vibrancy to the area, as well as numerous fruit trees and bushes.

Hidden Valley Springs

Hidden Valley Springs in Laguna may be the closest you’ll ever get to a nirvana near the city. Just an hour’s drive from Manila, Hidden Valley Springs is a secluded resort situated right smack in the middle of Mount Makiling and Mount Banahaw, Laguna’s two most famous mountains. It’s a tropical paradise that spans 110 acres with three spring pool areas, century-old trees, giant ferns, wild orchids, and a gorgeous waterfall tucked in the resort’s center. The greenery here is so thick it’s almost impossible not to relax.

Mineral pools surrounded with thick foliage feature varying temperatures, so it’s easy to find one that suits you. The Soda Pool features calming waters that were found to be comparable to Fuji and Vicki waters of Japan. The Lovers Pool, so concealed and secluded that it’s easy to miss, features numerous pools that may only be accessed by treading down a narrow trail half a kilometer long.

Mainit Hot Spring

Try a sampling of the city’s famed cassava cake, guzzle on homemade coconut wine, experience the annual Mayohan Festival in May, or visit cultural destinations like the Minor Basilica of St. Michael the Archangel or the Mortuario de Cementario de Los Indios.

Once you’re done with culture-tripping and sampling all the city’s famous fares, it’s time to take a dip. Head to Mainit Hot Spring with the family and enjoy wading in therapeutic pools that are good for both the mind and body.

Hot springs with sunroofs allow hours and hours of dipping without getting sunburned in the afternoon.

A variety of amenities and attractions offer fun for people of all ages: fish ponds, slides, gardens, as well as sculptures are scattered all over the place.

 Puning Hot Spring and Restaurant

At your destination, a paradise awaits. Puning Hot Spring features various thermal pools, lush greenery, and charming nipa huts. The location offers some of the best hot springs in the Philippines. You’ll find a total of 13 thermal pools to choose from, all with various temperatures ranging from 40 to 70 degrees.

The hot springs are sure to give you the relaxation you’re looking for, but if you’re looking for more ways to unwind, head to Station 2 where you can experience a real sand spa. Here, guests are buried lying down with heads exposed in a pile of volcanic ash.

Baguio City Bucket List

The Lion Head Baguio City
Baguio Public Market Pasalubong Shopping

During the dry and cool months in Baguio City, people can buy strawberries in the public market or at Burnham Park. You may also want to visit La Trinidad Benguet and pick the berries themselves. All the fruits and vegetables in this city are cheap and freshly picked every day.

Strawberry Taho (soft/silken tofu)

Strawberry taho is a special drink in Baguio city. It is available at a cheap price of 10 – 15 pesos per cup. Taho is a local delicacy prepared from soy and sweetened using liquid sugar. Tapioca balls are also served together with this drink. This special mix is topped with strawberry syrup and whole strawberries.

Horseback riding in Baguio

There are several horseback riding spots in Baguio City but the most popular one is in Wright Park. Some of the horseback riding trails are also available near Baguio Country Club, Camp John Hay, and Mines View Park.

Baguio Lourdes Grotto

It is located on a high hill in the western part of the city where you will find the image of the Lady of Lourdes. The grotto is a favorite pilgrimage site destination during Holy Week most especially during Holy Thursday and Good Friday. You can reach the image of the Lady of Lourdes by hiking up 252 steps or by driving a light vehicle through a winding, narrow and steep asphalt-paved road.

Stopover at StoBoSa Hillside Homes Artwork

Houses in Barangay Balili in La Trinidad, Benguet were turned into a colorful mural. Photo courtesy of Department of Tourism – CAR

The paintwork of multiple houses composes the single artwork.

Strawberry Picking in La Trinidad

Strawberry Picking is one of the most popular activities in La Trinidad, Benguet – a town located right next to the City of Pines. They also enjoy picking the strawberries themselves. The best months to come here is April, March and may, because its the strawberry peak season.

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Hot Dip at Kanlawig Hot Spring Resort

Nothing is more refreshing than dipping your whole body in warm water. This is the reason why a hot spring experience is something that is difficult to forget. It is also an experience that you will always look forward to. If you are planning to indulge in a hot spring experience, then the Kanlawig Hot Spring Resort is definitely one of the most ideal sites to visit. First, it offers a majestic panoramic view of Mt. Candalaga.

Offers a majestic panoramic view of Mt. Candalaga.

Accommodation is also not a problem as there are a lot of small cottages to choose from. For those who were not able to bring enough food and drinks, the hot spring resort has an in-house store where you could buy from. It should be noted that the place also charges entrance and corkage fee. It is located in Maragusan and is difficult to miss as it is situated just along the road going to the center of the town.

Inside the resort, there were a lot of trees around. I can barely see a mountain due to the heavy volume of clouds. Also, there were plenty of open cottages where you can sit and/or leave your things. Shower and toilet rooms were located on the other side of the resort.

The pool wasn’t that deep. I guess it’s between 3-4 feet and kids were really enjoying it. I noticed that time that only one part of the pool is hot. Maybe this could be because of the number of people in the pool.

hot spring

Entrance fee:

  • 60 pesos – adults
  • 40 pesos – children

The hot water was quite relaxing. It was a really nice experience. This hot spring resort in Mindanao is worth visiting. If you’re visiting Haven’s Peak Highland Resort, don’t forget to drop by this hidden gem.

Truly Majestic : Tagbibinta Falls

If you are looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, then Tagbibinta Falls in Barangay Covonobe, Maragusan, Davao de Oro is the perfect place to go. The calming sound of the water falling into the refreshingly cool pool is the perfect background for relaxation.

It is the source of electricity

The province of Mindanao is blessed with beautiful rainforests, gorgeous beaches and breathtaking waterfalls. One of the most well-known waterfalls in the province is Tagbibinta Falls which is the source of electricity for the people in the town of Davao de Oro.

Ancient folklore that women are not allowed to enter the place of the waterfall alone.

There is an ancient folklore that surrounds this beautiful waterfall, as there are stories among the locals that women are not allowed to enter the place of the waterfall alone, they believe that if a woman bathed in the waterfalls alone, an enchanted prince will invite her to be his wife, which can then enchant and captivate her and the enchanted prince will then take the woman to his world.

Entrance fee:

If you’re a local:

  •                 Adult:  P30.00
  •                 Kid: P20.00

If you’re a foreigner:

  •                 Adult:  P70.00
  •                 Kid: P60.00

Cottage/Table Fee:

  •                 Cottage: P75.00
  •                 Table: P30.00

It was a grounding moment when I stepped into the waters of Tagbibinta falls. It made me want to worship God right there and then.  Truly a wonder. The water is very cold and refreshing. Another one of my bucket-list has been crossed out.

Overlooking Maragusan: The Haven’s Peak Highland Resort

True to its name, Heaven’s Peak Highland Resort offers a skyline experience to guests as it is situated at the top of the Maragusan Hill. You get the chance to appreciate the view from the top overlooking forests and Maragusan proper. The place is so impressive that it has been recognized nationally as a worth-it tourist destination. During damp days, the view below is enveloped by thick fog which could come as either enchanting or menacing, depending one’s imagination.

Worth-it tourist destination

Haven’s Peak is where people come to unwind from the pressures of everyday life. Perched near the top of a mountain Davao de Oro, the air is clean and crisp. The menu offers organic foods not easily found elsewhere. The view is inspiring. The cottages are warm and inviting. The silence at night is profound.

They serve organic foods

Haven’s Peak is the only resort in the Valley to grow its own organic vegetables: peas, beans, lettuce, herbs, strawberries, and much, much more. The resort also raises its own organic chickens, goats, and pigs. Our organic chickens produce our organic eggs. These products have none of the dangerous herbicides and growth hormones normally embedded in food.


Entrance Fee:

  • Php 20 / person + Php 80 if you want to go Swimming

For overnight stay of medium capacity

  • Mansaka House (2 persons capacity)
  • Bagobo House (3 persons capacity with view deck)
  • Ifugao House (3 persons capacity)
  • T’boli House (maximum of 5 persons capacity)

Overnight stay in all tribal huts (Couple with 2 kids or 3 adults) with pool and complimentary meal for 2 – Php 1,400.00

Dormitory (32 persons capacity) – Php 350.00 per person

  • Special rates available for group reservations
  • Complimentary meal
  • Extra person/bedding – Php 150.00


  • Function Hall
  • Terraza Adela
  • Pool
  • Lantaw Barbeque and Seafood Grill House
  • Mini Bar
  • Cable Car
  • Restaurant