Bohol Tarsier Conservation Area in Bohol

Unique attraction featuring close-up views of tarsiers, with tours & a souvenir shop. Located at Loay Interior Road, Loboc, Bohol. To get here, if you’re from Tagbilaran you can take a bus bound to Sikatuna. From there, you just need to walk in until you see their ticketing office.Bohol Tarsier Conservation Area is open every day between 8 am to 5 pm (Google)

Why visit Bohol Tarsier Conservation Area ?

Such an informative and one of my favorite tourist spot in my place why? Because for an entrance fee of Php80.00 you can experience them up close in their natural habitat. With attendants closely observing every tourist ensuring they are not stressed by touching or making loud noise and have to be silent on this tour, as the attendants introduce us that tarsiers are nocturnal, meaning they sleep during the day. When we arrived the staff/attendants guide us where to go. The centre for the Tarsiers has been built very well and accurate for the tarsier to survive. The place is a little bit cold because they are surrounded with lots of trees. It’s nice to see tarsiers for the first time in person, they are really cute and sensitive and fascinating to see. The tarsiers are strategically placed throughout the walk through at their sanctuary. We can find a number of Philippine Tarsier in this place for conserving them as we all know that they are endangered species here in our country. Salute to my Co-Boholanos/Boholanas for taking care of these one of a kind creatures and also to our tourism. As they maintained it and preserved well our natural resources. I am hoping that our next generation will still get a chance to see these cute and cool endangered creatures at our place.

My overall experienced here was very good, and happy to have a close up views of tarsiers, which was one of my wishes before, when I was young. I thought they are big as what I have seen in many posters or pictures but when I saw it personally, it was like (WOW) shocking reaction that they are just smaller than I thought and super cute.

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