Masskara Festival, City of Smiles

Happiest and most colorful festival

It said that Filipinos are one of the happiest people around the world. Be it in the face of tragedies and calamities, Filipinos are resilient who could still put a smile on their faces.

And speaking of smiling faces, Bacolod City is famous for its MassKara Festival known as the “happiest and most colorful festival in the Philippines.”

To lift the spirits of the locals and bring back the smiles on their faces amidst the tragedy they are facing, MassKara Festival was then created.  The MassKara Festival which is a month-long celebration highlights colorful costumes and masks.

What is Masskara mean?

The term Masskara is coined from two words: mass, meaning  many or multitude of people, and the Spanish word cara, for face; It was how MassKara came to mean “face of the masses or a multitude of smiling faces”.

Aside from this, Bacolod has also top tourist spots they could offer. The Ruins of Mariano Lacson’s Mansion or also known as “The Ruins”.

Don Mariano decided to build the magnificent architectural structure in memory of Maria Braga, Don Mariano Lacson’s beloved wife. The story is similar to the Taj Mahal of India. To forget the sadness and sorrow of losing the love of his life,

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Highlight events you could enjoy such:

  • Electric MassKara is a parade with music, lights and floats.
  • Street dancing is a dance style that divided into two categories the school division, and the barangay division
  • Beauty pageant is a local beauty pageant in Bacolod, begun in 1981.
  • MassKara float parade is a decorated platform, it decorated entirely in flowers or other plant material.

Motif of the Festival

Masks influenced by native Filipinos to those influenced by the Carnival of Venice and the Rio Carnival.

Earlier masks made by hand-painted and adorned with feathers, flowers and native beads. While contemporary masks feature plastic beads and sequins.

The MassKara Festival not only brings pleasure and smiles to local people but as well to the tourists who want to experience the happiest and most colorful festival in the Philippines.

From being the source of happiness after tragedies to be one of the most popular festivals in the Philippines.

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