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A Trek to Pyalitan Falls

The Pyalitan Falls is located in Dapongpong, Mapawa, Maragusan with a distance of 7.58 km away from Brgy. Poblacion.

It can be traveled by foot in an hour through Brgy. Coronobe trail. So if you’re into trekking, you should definitely visit this place.

The trek is almost 30 minutes

The trek is almost 30 minutes so get ready because the trail is narrow and at the side of a cliff. Your stamina and leg strength will be literally measured by following the narrow, most rocky and bumpy path.

But after a long hike, we finally reached the spot.

But before the waterfall is visible, you will again cross a river.

The Angels Falls in Venezuela

Pyalitan Falls, a version of the Angels Falls in Venezuela. Breath-taking and relaxing , something that many have come to love and want to visit here. It also feels a bit of a liberating because of the uninterrupted trekking, but it’s worth it of the beauty of the area.

Make sure you have an expert guide on the road to have a good idea in advance.

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