Hot Dip at Kanlawig Hot Spring Resort

Nothing is more refreshing than dipping your whole body in warm water. This is the reason why a hot spring experience is something that is difficult to forget. It is also an experience that you will always look forward to. If you are planning to indulge in a hot spring experience, then the Kanlawig Hot Spring Resort is definitely one of the most ideal sites to visit. First, it offers a majestic panoramic view of Mt. Candalaga.

Offers a majestic panoramic view of Mt. Candalaga.

Accommodation is also not a problem as there are a lot of small cottages to choose from. For those who were not able to bring enough food and drinks, the hot spring resort has an in-house store where you could buy from. It should be noted that the place also charges entrance and corkage fee. It is located in Maragusan and is difficult to miss as it is situated just along the road going to the center of the town.

Inside the resort, there were a lot of trees around. I can barely see a mountain due to the heavy volume of clouds. Also, there were plenty of open cottages where you can sit and/or leave your things. Shower and toilet rooms were located on the other side of the resort.

The pool wasn’t that deep. I guess it’s between 3-4 feet and kids were really enjoying it. I noticed that time that only one part of the pool is hot. Maybe this could be because of the number of people in the pool.

hot spring

Entrance fee:

  • 60 pesos – adults
  • 40 pesos – children

The hot water was quite relaxing. It was a really nice experience. This hot spring resort in Mindanao is worth visiting. If you’re visiting Haven’s Peak Highland Resort, don’t forget to drop by this hidden gem.

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