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Next wildlife sanctuary, tourist destination: Turtle Island, Zamboanga del Sur

Have you ever dreamt about seeing a real moving sea turtle? Or have you ever been dreaming about swimming with them? If you do,then come and visit Panikian Island of Pitogo, Zamboanga del Sur Philippines.

Panikian Island also known as Turtle Island is Located at Pitogo, Zamboanga del Sur which is a one and half hour from Pagadian City. The island is also 30minutes away via Boat ride from the Municipality of Pitogo.

Panikian Island is an island where sea turtles lay thier eggs and reproduce.The island is covered with white fine sand and beautiful natural Coral Reefs. The island is not that big, in just 15 minutes you can already explore the entire area. Also if you’re lucky you can see and swim with 2 or more sea turtles (Direct Contact is not allowed).

In terms of food, there is an available market at the Municipality where you can grab Fresh Meat and Sea Foods. Sugba and Kinilaw one of the best food suited for the trip .Also, there is no available restaurant in the Island so everyone is required to have thier own food before departing the Municipality.

In Terms of travel funds and fare.
The Van from Pagadian to Pitogo is 100php or 2USD.Then the boat ride from Pitogo to the said island is around 200-400php or 8USD (back and forth).The price of the boat varies on the number people in the Boat ride (the more the cheaper). Overall, having 1000php is already enough for the fun considering if you are from Pagadian. I can give you a tour if you want.

Pitogo is also known for its beaches. So if you want more then Explore Pitogo for it can offer you a good moment that worth reminiscing.

Travelers and Beach lovers should not miss the Island if they want fun and adventure. Well,summer is coming. COME AND EXPLORE THE BEAUTY OF MINDANAO.That’s all and Thank you for reading

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