Davao City

Roxas Avenue

If you’re already thinking of visiting the Philippines but still can’t decide which specific city to choose, I suggest you head towards the southern part of the country and go to Davao City.

Famous for its natural attractions, which are accessible within the city, Davao is a place to be to explore somewhere new without being overwhelmed by noise and rowdy people, since it’s not nearly as saturated or crowded compared to other popular destinations in the country. There are a number of museums for you to visit to immerse yourself in the culture and history of Davao, and the spacious parks if you’d rather just walk around and enjoy the warm breeze at night.

The most famous and perhaps iconic thing in Davao would probably be the durian fruit. The city is filled with stores and shops selling durian with both foreigners and locals enjoying it, especially at night. Something about it feels relaxing and easy, if you can bare the smell, as some people may not like it.

Experiencing the city is unlike any other areas in the country, which one can mostly attribute to the calm and homey feeling of visiting a place that feels so familiar, but new at the same time. With the locals being so friendly and hospitable, you’d feel as if you’re part of the family and not just a stranger or guest. You can go around the city and just approach people to ask for directions, restaurants you should try, and even the secret spots that only locals know of.

If you finally want to just unwind and relax under the sun, there are also beaches that you can easily reach within the city, but if you want someplace different, you can go to Samal and try out the different resorts there as well.

Davao city is a must-visit destination for everyone, young and old. The locals are cheery and hospitable, so don’t be afraid to approach one! Once you get a full experience of the city, you’ll want to come back. After all, it’s not known as the land of promise for nothing.

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