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Majestic Asik Asik Falls – Wonderful Hidden Waterfall of Alamada North Cotabato

Hiding within the mountainous area of Upper Dado, Alamada, North Cotabato may be a spectacular-curtain-like waterfalls called Asik-Asik Fall. Its unique landscape and breathtaking beauty spread online which captured the eyes of the planet .

Who says “no” to its majestic walls covered with lush green vegetation, like moss and ferns, highlighted by the hardwood trees and therefore the clear blue skies. And in between these hanging ornaments are cold and crystal clear rushing water naturally falling on a shallow rocky pool surrounded by artistic rocks and boulders. Such an ideal place to relax and distress.

Why it is called Asik-Asik?

Asik Asik is local Hiligaynon language means “sprinkle-sprinkle”, after the sprinkle of falling water on nearby rocks. Lush vegetation covers everything of the ravine,

Where does Asik Asik Falls water came from?

It’s add mystery on Asik Asik Falls if where the water is coming from. The foremost likely sources are thought to be springs deep within the mountain or an underground river.

Getting to the falls isn’t as daunting because it wont to be, after the govt , sensing an exquisite tourism opportunity, developed the roads and site around it. But there are still descending and ascending treks on stairs that wind round the mountain side. a small portion of the falls are often seen from the highest , but as you descend, the complete majesty of water gushing from the green mountainside slowly reveals itself altogether its glory.

Asik-asik falls is taken into account together of the amzing falls within the world not only owing to its magnificient beauty but also as a result of its uniqueness, having no river nor lake above it because the souce of water, which is cascading on the rocks with the green plants.

Why you should visit Asik Asik Falls?

You should visit Asik Asik Falls because I assure you will be amazed to its own natural beauty. And you will shiver in cold water.

How cold the Water of Asik Asik Falls?

Base on my experience, when we go there at 7:00 o’clock in the morning. The temperature of the water is estimately below 25 degrees celsius.

Are there Rainbow forms in Asik Asik Falls?

There are many small rainbows in the waterfall. There are rainbows appearing because the waterfall faces the sun.


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