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Cascading Gambodes Falls – Epol River

GAMBODES FALLS, also called Epol Falls (in Gambodes, Arakan, Cotabato) must not be confused with the Epol Falls in Baganihan, Marilog District, Davao City. Both are called Epol because they both run through Epol River. Epol in Gambodes is additionally called “cascading falls” and Epol in Baganihan “green valley falls”. Confusing names but both are charming.

Epol River, (in Brgy. Gambodes) has 6 series of waterfalls and river pools and is 3 kilometers (1.9 mi) long.

Other Informations about Gambodes Falls

  • Roads are concrete to jump-off
  • Easy track for more or less 1-hour
  • Rocks aren’t slippery
  • High cottages / tables and luxury room
  • No store, so Bring your own food is suggested
  • Registration at the covered court.

How to get to Gambodes Falls


From Davao City, by bus to Ecoland terminal getting to CDO. Tell the conductor and driver to lower you crossing Arakan / camp Uno, same crossing as lowered getting to Matigol / Bani falls. Bus fare is 80-90 pesos for non aircon.

You’ll also cross the Gambudes (1 km. from crossing Arakan) if you are feeling like walking to Brgy. Hall is a few 30 -45 minute walk on the rough road (depending on your pacing but he’s down so no sweat!)

Also tell the conductors and drivers that you go down in the crossing of Gambudes.

In crossing Arakan there’s a motor terminal, same terminal of motor getting to Matigol / Bani.

You will deliver to Brgy. Hall of Gambudes

Motorcycle fare is 50 pesos but 60 pesos went home because the road is ascending.

Controll to the Brgy hall, pay a registration fee of 10 pesos and obtain a guide (300 pesos, maximum of 10) if you would like to form the foremost out of it, apart from cascading about 80 feet further down the water.

From Brgy hall you’ll still perambulate 20-30 minutes to the falls but the trail is gorgeous so even together with your 3 year old travel buddy Dry Keri still.

There also are caves in their area so you’ll ask the brgy if there’s a guide available for you.

Enjoy the amazing nature, but be liable for your waste.


The vehicles can enter Brgy Gambudes, although multi cabs are often used as a service there, just don’t overload to form it difficult to urge home.

You’ll also deliver a motorbike , (if it’s not raining) near the falls and walk for 5-10 minutes but you’ll pay twice.

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