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North Cotabato Tourist Spots and Attractions – Places you should Visit

North Cotabato has its own unique hidden beauty that people don’t know, that folks should be pleased with . So through this blog, I will be able to tell you some places that make a reason why you ought to visit North Cotabato , places that I also knew.

The Majestic Asik Asik Falls of Alamada North Cotabato

Visit, I assure you will be amazed to its own natural beauty. And you will shiver in cold of water. See rainbows not only from above, but you can see it in your side.

Balbon Resort at Malatab North Cotabato

Visit, you will certainly not regret it because you will definitely be satisfied with the amazing and beautiful scenery of nature. Balbon resort is an ideal place to celebrate special occasions like Family gatherings, Birthdays and Reunions. They have 5 swimming pools.

White Hills Garden and Resort

The entrance fee in White Hills is budget swak. For just 30 pesos you will definitely enjoy the amazing and beautiful scenery of White Hills View.

Lokiki Farm and Resort

Appreciate the beauty of nature. Feel the quietness of the place. Breathe the fresh and cold air. Absorb the magnetic force that makes your body alive.


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