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Truly Majestic: Matigol Falls South Cotabato

Matigol Falls South Cotabato may be a multi tiered waterfall which tourist can visit most of the waterfall tiers when rising .

This majestic Matigol falls or referred to as Bani Falls is found at Sitio Ladayon, Arakan Valley, North Cotabato.

From Davao City, it normally takes one hour and fourty five minutes to arrive in Campo Uno via Buda National Road.

From Campo Uno, there’ll be two options for you to try to to either you begin walking down the katipunan road or hire a habal2x.

There, you’ll calm down for a short time , had your registration within the tribal village. Yopu are going to be accompanied with some young local guides. Before getting to the falls you will be passing a little small hills covered with lush green Cogon grasses.

Please note that some strong winds might occur during your trek but it’ll be an ideal time too for you to record videos and take some photos.

The hills alone is instragram worthy place. It took us another one hour of trek before reaching the waterwall. You’ll be welcomed with an awesome waterfall sound and mist so please secure your gadgets if they are not waterproof.

If you would like to travel up, the local guides will assist you call at reaching subsequent tiers. Climbing to subsequent tiers is additionally quite hard due to the slippery steps that you’re going to be passing.

The last tier referred to as the Kawa-kawa is legendary on its approximately 10-20 feet trouble basin and presumably , people opt stay within the last tier where there’s a spacious area for you to relax, eat and hear the sound of nature. The water is additionally cold so please remember before taking a dip.

Sitio Inamong, Arakan, North Cotabato

How to get to Matigol Falls

1. From Davao City, take a bus or van sure to CDO and ask the driving force to drop you off at Campo Uno (1.5 hours)

2. From there, attend the terminal (along the highway) and ride a habal-habal to Sitio Inamong (30 mins, P80 fare one way)

3. Then attend the get down area and register

Here, there are two ways to approach this mighty falls, the straightforward and therefore the hard route.

1. The straightforward route may be a quick 30 mins trek just to the highest portion of the falls.

If you’re short on time or simply want to relax, have a drink and have a shower within the pool with AMAZING VIEW (the view of the infinity pool of Marina Bay in Singapore) is ideal for you, no hassle.

2. But if you’re trying to find a body ache, you would like to sweat a bucket, you would like to urge dirty and your trip to be a spiderman and your hobby is to harm yourself, then come here to the hard but promise worthwhile THESE way.

It’s an hour to an hour and a half trek, uphill down the mountain with SUCH VIEW! New Zealand feels.

Once you have accumulated strength, prepare for the tedious climb to the center and top portion of the falls. Pull the body, hold close the rocks, lace your little leg while raging.


▪Be the trail so confirm you’ve got trekking pants / leggings

▪Make bound to keep your sandals / shoes as slippery because it gets especially rainy

▪ It’s nice to possess photography , chill and swimming within the middle a part of the falls, but the water basin is shallow

▪You can stay overnight within the campsite / get down

How much you can spend going to Matigol Falls South Cotabato

P50 – Campo Uno

P80 – Campo Uno-Sitio Inamong

P25 – registration fee

P150 tourguide (300/2)

P50 – horseback riding from get down to Sitio Matigol (we are riding since very slow road, scary motorcycle ride)

P40 – Sitio Mumpol-Campo Uno

P60 – Campo Uno-Calinan

TOTAL: 455.00 each

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