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The Seven Majestic Waterfalls in Lake Sebu

Lake Sebu is one among the tourist spots in Mindanao. Lake Sebu provides quite beautiful scenes: the lake, the birds, misty leaves, the mountains and more.

One among the most attractions in Lake Sebu is that the Seven Falls.

There’s more. Zipline which will offer you a top view of three out of seven waterfalls.

These falls also supplies irrigation to Cotabato, Mindanao, Philippines.

How to get here:

  • Take a flight to General Santos City.
  • From General Santos in Bulaong Terminal, take a bus getting to Koronadal City.
  • From Koronadal take the yellow bus to Surallah.
  • From Surallah terminal take a van sure to Lake Sebu.
  • When you reach Lake Sebu, the sole choice to visit the destinations is through habal-habal.
  • It will be registered automatically at the terminal.

Come to South Cotabato!

Here the town boasts Seven Falls. Extreme trekking is required to succeed in them but it’s bound to relieve fatigue once the spectacular falls are avoided.

With the exception of Seven Falls, witness the lotus blooming also . The lotus flower blooms around 6 am.

A total of seven majestic waterfalls with the water coming from the outflows of the Lakes Sebu and Siloton.

The primary two waterfalls are easily accessible to tourists while the others require trekking.

But the simplest thanks to see these waterfalls is by riding a zipline that passes above five of them!

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