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Yellow Gate Zipline Davao

Yellow Gate Zipline Davao

Yellow Gate Zipline is located at Sitio Langub, Barangay Gambodes.

Yellow Gate has two, not just one pair of zipline platform. And has a four balconies or two zipline lane, two balconies for each lane.

The balcony was made up with steel and the foundation was concrete, so it was that solid.

Safest line in Town

Now, Yellow Gate’s zipline infrastructure was considered as one of the safest line in town. They have two cables for each lane.

So a zipper is connected by a strap from it’s harness to the first pulley mounted on the lower cable,. Then that first pulley was then connected to the second pulley by another strap.

The second pulley was also mounted to a cable. Same as the first one but in a different cable, the higher cable.

According to the instructors who assisted us or as I call them Kol, short for uncle.

Those two cables were strategically used so that if in case the other cable would break, there would be an immediate backup cable. So the first lane would brought you to the other hill.

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