Sellers / Store owners


Most frequent questions that Sellers / Store owners ask

To sell on PinoyCube you only need to create an account. After creating an account go to Manage Store and setup your store after finishing setting up your store you can now click sell on PinoyCube button and you will see the form that you need to fill out

Before the product shown to your store, PinoyCube will manually check each product you submitted if it passed on our policy standard please check Product guidelines when your product is approved that is the time it will be visible to your store

PinoyCube is 100% FREE platform. We only get small commissions from each of your successful transactions

  • E-wallet: 5%
  • Card: 5% + 15PHP
  • OTC: 5%

Yes we will assure that your data is secure on us. We will limit the required data on our platform to protect your information. But there might be a chance that we will add additional information that might required for legal purposes 

At the moment we don’t have as pinoycube is still a startup project. But if PinoyCube earns an amount that the government requires to have a business permit to continue. We will comply and follow the government rules

Buyers / Customers


Most frequent questions that Buyers / Customer ask

PinoyCube allow guest account. So it is not required to create an account. But we recommend creating an account to monitor and track your activity on the platform

It depend. You need to contact us and explain about the issue and we will investigate and if its valid we will give a refund.

But we highly recommend that before buying the product please review the description of the product before buying it

also all products that is being sell on PinoyCube undergo with a quality check please see product guidelines 

Yes you can. by using the store contact seller form it will be directly send to the store owner as PinoyCube require store owner to have a business email address

But we will not recommend buying products directly to the seller as those product might not undergo with our quality check.

At the moment we set it to infinite so you can download without the limit but this feature might change in the future

The files that you will be downloaded is on a zip format and each product is being manually check. we also use some virus scanning tools to prevent malware to being include to the product

All product is being check with ownership checking. We will not allow copyrighted products and also pirate and illegal products