Thursday, May 28, 2020
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14 Places and Attractions you should Visit in Arakan North Cotabato

Arakan North Cotabato has its own unique hidden beauty that other people don’t know, that people of Arakan should be proud of.

Cascading Gambodes Falls – Epol River

GAMBODES FALLS, also called Epol Falls (in Gambodes, Arakan, Cotabato) must not be confused with the Epol Falls in Baganihan, Marilog District,...

North Cotabato Tourist Spots and Attractions – Places you should Visit

North Cotabato has its own unique hidden beauty that people don’t know, that folks should be pleased with . So through this...

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Hikong Bente Falls

Hikong Bente is one of the Seven Falls in Lake Sebu. It is the very best and most beautiful...

Tinanan River

Tinanan River is found in Valencia, Sto. Niño. This river has 6 springs and two unexplored caves.

Lake Luningning

Lake Luningning is found in Barangay Ganatan. it’s a depth of 30 meters or 98 feet. and has an underground spring. it’s...

The Seven Majestic Waterfalls in Lake Sebu

Lake Sebu is one among the tourist spots in Mindanao. Lake Sebu provides quite beautiful scenes: the lake, the birds, misty leaves,...